• 2019-11-20 [Samyang] Grab & Go - Compact Autofocus Lenses

      Newsletter   SAMYANG   Nov 2019  
    AF/XP/MF/CINE/XEEN ~ 바로가기
    145g 초경량, 18mm 초광각 ~ AF 18MM F2.8 FE 출시
    Weights only 145g Tiny but Super Wide
    AF 18m F2.8 FE Review ~ 샤프한 이미지, 빠른 포커스, 뛰어난 핸들링, 매력적인 결과물
    2019.10.1 - 20 / 2020 삼양 공식 캘린더 사진 공모전
    초경량 & 고성능 시네 렌즈 XEEN CF 출시 / SAMYANG Where to Buy
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  • 2019-11-18 [Photo contest 2019.11] The Photo of the month (Nov.18th~Dec.8th)

    2019 Best Photo Taken with Samyang Lens

    What is your best photo of 2019 taken with Samyang Lens?

    In 2019, Samyang constantly has pushed its limits.
    Only 3 years after the first launch of the autofocus lens,
    we launched the world's first AF lens and introduced lenses compatible with new mounts.
    How was your year? Upload the best photos captured by Samyang lens by December 8th.
    The winner will be announced as the official Samyang Ambassador,
    and the story of the photo will be featured on the website.
    Share the most meaningful moments of the year with Samyang users around the world.



    1 Gold prize:
    - 1 Samyang lens (AF or MF) 

    2 Silver prizes:
    - $100 US Amazon coupon

    5 Bronze prizes:
    - $10 US Amazon coupon

  • 2019-11-06 Photo contest Winner - October. 2019



    Thank you participating in our Samyang Optics October Photo Contest!

    As many of you have been waiting some good news, we're excited to announce the winners!



    ✔ 1st place (1 winner)



    2nd place (2 winners)









    3rd place (5 winners)

    (ID:    (ID:


            (ID:    (ID:







    - Winning Entrants must be able to provide a high resolution digital file.

    The submitted photos will be displayed in the gallery can be used on / offline marketing purposes of Samyang Optics.

    - Please check the website mounts other information on Samyang lenses.

    - If the lens is received as a prize, Samyang Optics will be able to a sample photo review of the lens in the future.

    - The prize is not replaced by cash any other kind.

    - If you do not enter the lens information, it may be excluded from the prize gift.


    Thank you joining stay with us!